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When you’re planning a guided fly fishing trip to New Zealand, the place Zane Grey described as the “Angler’s Eldorado” – there are multiple excellent locations to choose from. New Zealand’s fresh water fisheries are unique, there is no other place on earth with such water clarity and trout of such prodigious size. These factors deliver unequalled sight-fishing experiences. making New Zealand a mecca for trout fishing. This is all about hunting and stalking with a fly rod, walking up stream in the pursuit of large, wild brown and rainbow trout.

Gareth Bayliss - New Zealand fly fishing guide

New Zealand’s expert fly fishing guide Gareth Bayliss offers memorable guided trout hunting trips from the mountains to the oceans, encompassing lakes, freestone rivers and spring creeks.

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Anglers from all over the world perceive New Zealand to be the mecca for fly fishing, and one of the world’s best wild trout fisheries. Fly fishing in New Zealand is on offer every month of the year, along with stunning mountain scenery and pristien temperate forests.

Both the North Island and South Island are renowned for excellent river and stream fishing, with the opportunitys to target both Brown and Rainbow trout. In particular, premium locations in both islands offer fishermen the chance of a lifetime to catch some of the most monstrous trout in the world!

The quality of New Zealand’s freshwater sports fishs is perfect for the fly fishing enthusiast, and the average size of the trout is 3.5 pounds, exceeding most fishermen’s wildest “trophy trout” dreams. The reputation of New Zealand streams draws fly fishermen there from around the planet in search of a trophy fish, and each year many trout exceeding 10 pounds are hooked and landed.

The Central Plateau in New Zealand’s North Island is legendary for its big rainbow trout, and the best fishing spots are hard to find and well off the beaten track. A helicopter tour is an excellent way to reach remote backcountry rivers. However, even readily accessible locations along the famous Tongariro River and legendary Lake Taupo offers amazing fly fishing opportunities. The Central Plateau is also known for its mild weather, meaning decent fishing conditions through most of the year. For those wanting to book a guided Taupo fishing experience, expert local guide Gareth Bayliss is always delighted to assist.

Some fishermen like to base themselves in Turangi, alongside the famed Tongariro River. This area has famous fishing spots in all directions, including ‘The Delta’, ‘The Hole’, ‘Little Big O’ and ‘Tailrace’ which is widely believed to hold the world’s fattest trout!

Some unforgettable lifetime fly fishing memories can be accumulated in Central North Island fishing locations, especially when taking advantage of favorable weather patterns. On a normal day with decent weather conditions you can expect to clock up 8-12 hours of good fishing. Start off on single day trips is usually 8:00pm but this may vary depending on the location fished. If an evening rise is anticipated and clients wish to fish late, we can start late or extend the day.

Gareth will focus on the types of water which you would most like to see and fish, those that truly represent what fly fishing New Zealand is all about. Trout hunting adventures involve carefully stalking the edges of free-stone rivers, streams, gorges and spring creeks. There, we cast nymphs and dry flies to spotted trout – mostly large Brown Trout of between 4 to 7lbs (2 3 kg) in size. Some backcountry streams and rivers hold both Brown and Rainbow trout species if 10 lb+ sizes.

Most of these fly fishing locations are shrouded in pristine native forests which are both very beautiful and inhabited by some interesting NZ wildlife. The fishing guide will take pains to point out examples of our NZ native flora and fauna, particularly the native birds that inhabit the region, the bird song emanating from wild forests is truly delightful! To enquire, go to

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